Establishing A Focus: 3 Things To Be Mindful Of

As you may or may not know, I have a Youtube channel. It’s a channel that since I started it, had several issues. A quick look over it you can see so many different styles of videos. It’s a mess and honestly I’ve known for a while. Clearly I have been working on one thing with it: establishing a focus.

I knew for a while that how I presented things and what the topics were were important. However I still found myself not taking the advice and making whatever I felt like. At least presentation wise.

But that is all changing now. I’ve made a decision on how my videos will be presented moving forward and I’m quite excited for it. How I got there was by being mindful of these three things. I believe these things can help you as well when you find yourself disorganized. 

Look At Your Other Work

I am fortunate that I am running a blog alongside this channel for a few reasons. For one I’ve been getting some great success from this. But also it’s a reminder of what actually is working.

One thing that you’ll know is that my writing is very specific. It’s personal. I tell stories and from there I draw out valuable pieces of information. All in the name of helping people better themselves.

Because of that specific format people know what to expect from my content. From Medium to my blog and even my guest posts. I will always strive to have a personal element.

That can’t be said with my videos on my channel. Even though I’ve been personal I’m missing that story telling element. 

By comparing those to a degree, I can understand what is working and what isn’t.

Create A Specific Formula, Experiment Later

From looking at my work I noticed of course I have a specific process of how I do things. When establishing a focus it all runs around a specific formula. When it doesn’t there is a huge disconnection and people will move on. So it’s important to have a formula.

Tell people indirectly what they’ll get out of it. But also present it in the same manner.

Only start adding new pieces to the formula once you have established a viewership. Furthermore when introducing different styles, it’s important to continue using the same traditional formula you had.

By keeping the same content, people can choose to consume your other style of content should they choose. However they still get their fix of the content they know and love. 

Keep The Formula Simple

Or you can say keep your vision simple, either way you want to keep it simple and introduce change slowly. Even though some of us want to make huge impacts on people, I believe it’s important to start small and simple. Overall, I believe people reading my content can make a major change in their life. However each individual article is presenting only small changes.

Whether it’s a change in a single thought, or making a shift in how you’re setting goals, and so on. These things are minor changes, but over time, the more you practice them the more you change.

I understand the temptation of changing or adding more to the formula. Again, look at my channel where I have so many different series and styles. People can’t keep up because I’m changing the formula whether it’s from a visual stand point or a purpose stand point.

I’ve Learned My Lesson

But I know now, through my writing, that when I have a consistent formula, I’ll grow. Keeping it simple and not introducing other elements into it. Or introduce elements slowly while still doing the same traditional content.

Furthermore by looking at my work and creating this formula will ensure I stay on track. I believe that how I’ll present my videos later on will do great. It’s a matter of being consistent and following through now!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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