Investment isn’t the most exciting term out there, but it may surprise you to hear that there are certain investments that you can enjoy while they gain in value. More hidden assets like investments in cryptocurrency for example, can be some of the most lucrative and if you’re thinking of investing in cryptocurrency have a read of some Cryptocurrency News first. However, you should dabble in some of the more easily enjoyable kinds first to see if you have a talent for it.  Here, we run through some of the more exciting investments you can make, to see if we can inspire you to get involved in this brilliant industry. 

Enjoyable Investment Opportunities


When it comes to investing in art, you don’t need to be an expert in art, you just need to know your stuff when it comes to investing in it. The key to good art investment is to have a good knowledge of the value of different artists. You don’t only need to know who the most popular artists are, you also need to get try to get your hands on tips offs about who the next up and coming artists are. This way, you can buy their art while it is still affordable and make a profit by selling when their popularity peeks.  Considering you’ve chosen the right artist; art grows in value over time, so you simply hold on to it until the right time to sell. Investors on average see their art increasing in value by 4% over a 5 to 10 year period. 


Jewellery retains its value long term with the added benefit of being portable, plus it doesn’t decrease in value if you wear it. Therefore, you get all the pleasure out of wearing beautiful jewellery whilst making money at the same time. The first tip for jewellery investment is to not buy new. New jewellery will have numerous additional expenses added to its value such as the retailer’s mark-up, VAT, the manufacturer’s profit; the list goes on. The only exception to this rule is buying jewellery made by an up and coming artist. The trick is to buy antique jewellery in styles that survive the passing of time, so keep it classic. Make sure you only invest in jewellery consisting of the best metals and jewels, and if possible, stick to brands known for high-quality. The popularity of certain jewellery can be influenced by the metal and gemstone markets so keep an eye on these when you’re selling. If you’re dealing in diamonds, the value of the stone will usually determine the value of the piece of jewellery, so stick to finding pieces with high carat diamonds.  


Investing in classic cars used to be accessible to anyone however, now, it is only really the high-end sector which is still profitable. The car’s manufacturer is one of the key contributors to its value and at the moment, Porsche and Jaguar are the most sensible choices. Other things to look out for are the car having no modifications; the more original the better, and rare features such as aspects which mean they would no longer pass MOTs or be allowed to be imported such as particular engine styles. Despite the narrowing of the market, investing in classic cars is still a more profitable investment than diamonds or wine.

Investment doesn’t always have to be in sensible stocks and shares which you never see and that give you a steady income. You can invest in all kinds of different things, some of which you can enjoy at the same time. Take art for example, it can be used to decorate your home while gaining in value, jewellery you can wear, and classic cars you can admire and which go on to sell a few years later for a big profit. For more ideas on how to grow your money, take a look at


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