Eating less grains in my diet has been a sore spot for me for a while. It’s been a huge contributor (that and inactivity) towards my weight gain all those years back.

In this sense I’ve seen grains as a sort of bad thing for me. And now that I’m making active steps towards changing that it’s been something that I’ve been cutting from my diet in stages.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to be switching to a full on Paleo diet or anything. However if I am to reduce my weight I should be eating less grains overall. And that’s what I’m doing.


So what exactly does eating less grains look like in my life?

The biggest thing that I’m encouraging myself to do is to be looking for dishes that omit grains. I’ve restricted myself to eating two meals that have grains, but it’s better if I stick with only one per day.

For the most part, I’ve had days sticking to three meals with grains, but there’s been a few I’ve gotten away with one.

This left my evenings to splurge a bit on grain products.

Like these nachos I had on Friday.

Like these nachos…

But aside from the grain part of my dishes, my dishes have been kind of typical dishes for me again. The big reason being is that I haven’t gone out and shopped again.

It’s something that I should seriously do today to make my life easier for this upcoming week.

On the exercise route, I’ve been able to exercise on a regular basis and I even went out when hurricane Michael was coming through. It hit New Brunswick on the tail end so all we got was rain and some wind, nothing as extreme as other places.

Things I’ve Learned

A lot of what needs to be worked on is some things I’ve mentioned before. Eating less grains is on the list, but also getting in workouts and walking too.

That being said, I have figured out the best way for me to approach eating better that’ll work. That is having a few canned meals. Last week I bought some canned soup and found that to particularly helpful for me to commit to.

On top of some of the food going bad, I found myself making a number of salads. As such, I found a lot of the meals I had to be similar over the week which is nice. Especially if they are healthy.

I think getting some canned soups are going to be helpful to me, or in general being able to make soup as we are getting into the colder months. On top of that they can serve as sauces for other meals which is something I can’t complain about.

Soups I think will help as even though they aren’t exactly filling, I can make a lot of it in advance. The dual purpose of them as well is too good to pass up as well.

Eating Less Grains

Having less grains in my diet is something that I think is going to help me. I haven’t weighed myself to see if any changes have been made, however I know in the past this has helped me a lot as I’m sure I’ve said before.

All that’s needed for me is to keep working at it!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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