Don’t Rush The Things In Life

I’m afraid I have to rush this post a little more than I expected. In just a matter of minutes, I will be heading off on another adventure to see some tall ships. It’s a two hour drive from where we are and my dad said “The sooner we leave the sooner we’ll get there.” So needless to say there is some rushing in the house. But I want to take the time to remind you this: don’t rush the things in life.

You know the things.

The really important stuff. Memories, moments that you’ll treasure forever.

For me, it’s been 17 years since I last saw the tall ships

And even though there’ll be less (not to mention we’ll be going to a small town in New Brunswick to see them), I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be sure to take pictures and some video footage of them too so people will get to experience at least a piece of it as well.

Anyway I’m getting off track a little.

My point is that even though this experience will be likely a smaller experience compared to when I saw them in 2000, it still is a memory. It’s something to this day that I still remember. Mind you I don’t recall any of the ships I saw 17 years ago. But if I rushed things I probably wouldn’t remember them.

Many people rush through life

They focus so much on making money and getting ahead. Attempting to live life in the “fast lane”. True having a lot of money is wonderful, but with the fast lane you’re supposed to go fast. You can’t go on a leisurely cruse unless you want a pile of angry people behind you.

For me I don’t see the glamour in that. You are only rushing and never truly appreciating the little things in life. You can’t see anything except for the destination ahead. And let me tell you, that’s death.

I refuse to live a life in the fast lane. I’ll be making my own lane where I don’t rush things in life.

True there will be bumps along the way and you may have to swerve a bit

But it’s my road to drive on and it’s filled with memories and beautiful scenery. Memories that are worth being utterly disconnected from the world for at least a little while. Things that you will regret when you rush things in life.

So be patient when building your road. Have many things in it that’ll make the process more enjoyable.

You will get to where you want to go in due time. There is no point at all in rushing the process.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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