Day 2 – 90 day Fit For Life Challenge

Day 2 is over and I’m happy to say I’m already losing a little bit of weight. More specifically I was happy I didn’t gain weight due to my low intake of calories the other day. Still I’m keeping in mind moving forward to drink more water and to make adjustments to how I’m eating.

Here’s the video for day 2


Yesterday’s meals were fewer, but larger in calories this time around. The main reason was because I had some things to do and I got caught up in work. I didn’t have breakfast until about 2pm. It was more like brunch at that point. Or maybe lunper? Either way it was later.

Though I can tell you that the meals were particularly rich in calories so even though it was late, I did have a sizeable amount of food after my morning workout. Not to mention as well I did some exercising after super as well.

Super was also high in calories and combined they made over 1,500 calories. It’s pretty high for me. But because of my walking and that 15 minutes of other exercises, I burned off nearly half of that from exercising alone. At the end of the day I had slightly over 1000 calories left, but I hit my target which is good.


My main challenge yesterday was building up strength. I didn’t touch on it yesterday, but one struggle I’m having right now is doing the exercises Nyla has given me. Even though the exercises is  doing mountain climbers for ten minutes with 20 second breaks between every minute, it’s really tough. Doing it for that long is advanced level and I’ve been sticking mainly to beginner level the vast majority of the time. But I am still striving to do that completely, or at the least do that for a solid five minutes.

My solution to that is really a matter of building more strength. Cardio will help since the main area I am getting tired is my legs, specifically my thighs. Doing some exercises around those can help a lot with that.


Overall the day went by smoothly aside from the rocky start and I’m excited to be pursuing this further!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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