Day 1 – 90 Day Fit For Life Challenge

These posts will serve as entries revolving specifically around my health and how I’m progressing through these journey’s in my life. We all have different chapters in our lives and this particular chapter focuses strictly on my health.

For the record, I currently weigh in at 216 pounds and my target weight goal is 175 pounds for this year. It’ll be tough to get that weight goal over the next 3 months. But I’m aiming to lose a considerable amount from this training at the very least. It would be phenomenal if I hit 175 by the end of this.

If you want a basic run down of my day, watch the video below. Also I’ve created a Daily Healthy Newsletter, which will include tips, motivation and more! You can subscribe here too!

The Meals

Anyway with that out of the way, let’s take a look at my meals for the day yesterday along with the challenges that I faced.

When it comes to my diet, Nyla has a specific regimen for me to follow. Overall I can eat anything as long as it’s not from a box. I’m also restricted on the amount of grain products I can eat along with a cut-off from grain/high carb foods after 6 pm.

As for my meal choice it was low on the calorie side of things today. It was still healthy and visually appetizing too. I had roughly 1,200 calories left after all the food I had eaten plus my exercising. There’s a few things I’m concerned about, for one there was a hiccup in my food choice.

Over time I’ll be working on it but I did have a processed cheese slice as part of my sandwich for lunch. Not only that but I also had this unusual craving for it too. I got over it, but it was still unusual.

The upside though is I didn’t put mayonnaise on the sandwich which is good since a quick google search can tell you mayo is high in fat and calories. Even though my calorie intake was low by my usual standards, my goal is to lose fat and therefore weight. Removing mayo and finding other healthier alternatives would be better for me.

The other issue is the low intake of calories. It’s a problem because as some health professionals have said in the past, your body adapts to the way you eat. So I can stick to low calories, but my body will stretch those calories and I’ll end up not losing any weight. Even if the food I’m eating is good for me.


I want to be dwelling on food as the major challenge that I had for yesterday. Since food is a huge part of a healthy diet for obvious reasons. What surprised me is a new way of thinking when it came to extra things to add on food. I believe it’s important for me moving forward to realize more that these additional things, like cheese or mayonnaise and even condiments in certain cases, aren’t necessary.

Yes I can treat myself to some if it improves the flavour, but if what I’m eating I can’t even taste the difference, I’m better off not putting it in. It cuts calories but if mayonnaise is labelled as a not really good condiment for you, I wouldn’t be surprised by other condiments not being really good.


Anyway that’s my very first day! I’m excited to be tackling more of this challenge and pushing myself further!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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