Losing your job can be terrible. Unfortunately, no matter how long you’ve worked somewhere, or how secure you think your job is, you never know what could happen in the future. Sometimes, this is due to no fault of your own. Your company may be faced with having to make cutbacks or find themselves going out of business entirely. Or, you may find your contract terminated due to a mistake that you have made. Sometimes, things just change. Nothing ever stays the same and a career that you were once happy with could suddenly turn into something that you are struggling with. Changes in systems and operations may mean that you are no longer happy, or that you find yourself unable to keep up with newer employees. Whatever the reason for your job loss, it can be difficult. Especially when it comes completely out of the blue.

Coping with an Unexpected Job Loss


You can find yourself struggling financially when your regular income is suddenly no more. But, it’s not just your finances that can be affected. You may find that your physical and mental health can start to decline, your relationships may suffer, and it can be hard to stay motivated. If you find yourself facing this unfortunate lifestyle change, here’s how to cope.

Get What You Are Entitled To

Losing a job can come as a shock. This shock, often means people make bad decisions. They are keen to move on and get away from their job loss, so they fail to take the time to get what’s rightfully theirs. Your employer may have to give you notice, pay you holiday pay and overtime that you are owed or pay you redundancy, depending on the situation and circumstances of your loss of employment. If you’ve been injured at work and had to resign because you can no longer physically do your job, you may be entitled to compensation, which DeSalvo Law could be able to help with. If you are facing long-term unemployment, you should also look into unemployment benefits. Don’t struggle because you are too proud to ask for help.

Enjoy a Break

If you can afford to, take a break. Instead of looking for new jobs straight away, let yourself have a rest. Losing your job can be an emotional experience, and you deserve to take some time out. Many of us start work straight out of school and then work full time until we retire with just a few short vacations dotted here and there.

If money is tight and you can’t afford to travel, stay at home. Use the time to relax and catch up with your family and friends. Just think, as soon as you get a job, you’ll be back to being busy and tired all of the time.

See it as an Opportunity


Being unemployed can get you down. Even in those first few days and weeks, you can start to feel like a failure. So, instead of thinking about what you have lost, look at the positives. This could be the perfect chance to try something new. Ask yourself what you want. Are you still happy in your industry? Is it what you really want for the rest of your working life? Does it offer you the flexibility you need? Can you see yourself moving forward, or have you gone as far as you can? Take your time to really consider these answers before you move forward.

If you love your career and you are happy, that’s brilliant. Start looking for something else in the same field. If not, this is an incredible opportunity for your future. What do you want to do?

Think about your skills, what you enjoy doing and what you liked and disliked about your previous position. Take a look at job sites online to see what’s available and take a look at job descriptions for careers to see if there is anything that appeals to you.

Remember, it’s never too late to try something new. You could start with a part-time service job while you study online and gain the qualifications that you need. Or even find some volunteer work to help you to get some experience.

Start-Up On Your Own

If you still love your career, but can’t see any ways to move forward, or you are worried about the flexibility it offers as you get older or hope to start a family, why not branch out on your own? Start your own business from home, rent premises or work online as a freelancer. Now so much business can be done online, it’s easier than ever to start-up on your own even without start-up cash. Think about what you need and give it a try. You could even start slowly, freelancing, and then build your business and client portfolio over time.

Another option, if you want to stay in the same industry but fancy a change, is working as a freelance consultant or qualifying as a teacher in the same subject. If you’ve been employed in the same industry for a while, you could have valuable skills and knowledge to pass on.




The longer that you are out of work, the bigger concern money can become. Benefits and savings can help, but if you are used to a certain lifestyle, or have large outgoings, things can become difficult very quickly. You can look at some easy ways to earn money online to help, but you also need to budget. Take a look at where you can save money and make cutbacks to try and make your money last for as long as possible.

Look After Yourself

It can be tempting to let yourself fall into a negative mood. You can feel like you want to lie on the sofa, watch TV and eat junk food. But, this is hard to snap out of. Don’t let yourself fall into a funk. Instead, try to stick to a routine and get into good habits. Eat well, exercise, get up at the same time, get out of the house as much as possible and generally take care of yourself. It’ll make it much easier to get back into the swing of things when you do get back to work.


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