I came back home on Tuesday to a cleaner room, but also to a cold week ahead of me. With temperatures getting to the negative double digits, it’s around this time where I struggle a lot in exercising.

I can work out at home, but I’m limited in what I can do. The fact I also have to go everywhere by foot is difficult as well seeing as it’s colder and it’s not the best weather to be out in.

From this angle, you can see why it’s more appealing to me to stay inside.

At the same time though, I know I’ll need to make a change and should be challenging myself to be pushing through any cold week. And I’ve been thinking of what I can do to follow through with my exercising.

Comfort Foods

The first thing I want to incentivize myself for is with comfort foods. In the colder months, our bodies naturally have an instinct to crave warm foods. From soups, to generally hot dishes, we crave these foods to warm us up.

It’s the same as wanting ice cream or a slushie on a warm summer day. Natural psychological impulses.

But I can especially use warm food to my advantage here. I’m an especially big fan of soups and they’re pretty good for you considering soups have numerous vegetables and protein. On top of that, they’re not known for their high-calorie count either which is key for me.

I think what will help me a lot moving forward is to use these comfort foods as a means of getting me outside. It’s not out of the question for me to go for a good long walk and come back home to a nice bowl of hot soup.

The reason this helps is it’s an incentive. And the easier it is to act on an incentive, the easier it can be to follow through a habit.

Did you go for a walk today? Good job, have a bowl of soup.

 Prepare The Environment

I’ve not been particularly good with cleaning my room in most cases. Regardless, I’m happy that my mother took the time to go and clean and reorganize my room while I was away. It’s not so cluttered and feels a little more spacious.

Of course, I’ll be working to keep it clean this time around, and I can use that to provide further incentives. A clean room will give me the environment I need to prepare the environment.

What I mean by this is having the necessary parts already out and ready for me to perform whatever I need to do. In other words, the fact my room is cleaner and more spacious, I can place my workout gear out the night before so I have an active reminder to do it.

This is important to me now more than ever because I have a tendency to stop and put things off during the colder months. At least with regards to physical activity.

But I know I’m not alone on this as many people will come up with many excuses or struggle to overcome doing certain things at a specific time.

When you have your environment set up though, it’s a good way to break that sequence and start a new one.

Remember Your Goals

Even though I see my health goals as secondary to my business, that doesn’t mean I should be neglecting it. As I talked about in one of my Medium posts this week, the fact I’m pursuing this is a reminder of who I am and what I truly value.

I am the type of guy who wants to get out and experience things.

These things don’t necessarily require physical aptitude, but the fact this is a personal goal is a reminder that I want to not be stuck at a desk all day. It’s important for me to get out and have that bit of balance.

And while a cold week can certainly dampen the ability to do that, it’s times like this where I have to remind myself:

Remember the goals that you’ve set.

But also:

Why did you set those goals?

Crush The Cold Week

A cold week is something that stops me a lot. In fact, most of the issues I run into with my health are a bit weather related.

The weather is entirely out of our control of course, but the solutions I presented above are some other ways you may not have thought of. For me, I think this will help me a lot on a mental level since so much goes on in my head.

Either way, give them a try.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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