This is a post to say that I’m challenging myself. Further than before when I gave myself that deadline, and far more than trying to stay committed to posting updates on my health.

This week I signed up for a 6-week fitness challenge with the goal to drop 20 pounds during that challenge.

Not only that but I put $500 on the line to ensure that I hit that mark.

That act alone is big seeing as that’s literally half of the money I have at the moment.

So why exactly am I challenging myself in that fashion?

Well, let me explain.

Nothings Been Changing

For this past year or so I’ve been cataloguing my health there’s been many things that I’ve learned. That being said, I can still say that with all that knowledge, nothing has really been changing much as well.

I’ve gained weight since I last weighed myself when I made that deadline.

On top of that the habits that I want to acquire I haven’t been keeping up with them much.

Even some of the lessons I’ve learned I have yet to really apply them.

All of these things were quite clear before but it was aptly put by my father who said “you know how to lose weight. You know what your problems are.” This was after I told them the news.

It’s the main reason why I stopped writing these weekly journals for the past few weeks. There was little progress in the grand scheme of things and I didn’t want to admit that.

But it’s for this reason why I took this bold and fresh step. Because I’ve been stalling and something needed to change. I needed to be challenging myself.

I need to get off my ass and do something.

It’s Something To Write About

For the next 6 weeks I’ll be putting together the same type of structure as my more recent BetterMeNow posts. That being said, I’m confident that I’ll have more writing material from week to week as there are a number of things to this challenge.

One thing of particular note is the group element. This is something that hasn’t been involved because it’s been only me working out on my own and handling my own eating habits. It’s been several years since I worked out with anyone let alone a large group of people.

So not only will I be challenging myself to improve my health, I’d like to challenge myself as a writer to dig into details.

It’s A Driving Force For Change

But I think the most important thing about this is the fact that it’s forcing me to change drastically. This change was very sudden and I had little time to prepare for it. All I did was commit to this.

I’m fortunate that while my parents had a few issues with me spending my money like that, they’re still supporting me with my decision. They want to help through morale and even helping out with buying the food I’ll need.

But getting back to the sudden change, the reason I mention this is because I’ve been down this road before. A sudden change happening in my life all because I took a bold jump forward. You can call these bold steps dumb moves, but I’ve had a track record of making some big dumb moves and them paying out for me. Either on the long-term, years after it’s been said and done, or directly after it.

So this air of familiarity for me is great because I feel that this is progress. I agree completely that I could’ve gone another route with this, but I know if I am to change, sometimes I need to throw myself into the deep end. That is to be challenging myself and many aspects of what I seem to believe in.

Challenging Myself

This is not going to be an easy journey for me, but that’s the point. I want to be challenging myself because I certainly know a lot about myself and what needs to get done. I think that paired with what is being offered through this challenge, I’ll have what it takes to make a massive shift.

Of course if I hit my goal for this challenge that’s not going to be end of my improvement. There is still a lot of growth to be had. Not to mention I’d still have another 30 pounds to drop AND maintaining the weight.

There will certainly be more.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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