With some of the practices I talked about last week I started building momentum once more. It feels nice to be working out consistently even though I’m not going to a gym. On top of that it feels emboldening to be working around yet another cold week this week too.

Of course there is still room for improvement. I’ll admit I’m not fully embracing my workout regimen right now and that raises something important about building momentum. This is key to know moving forward as you are working towards your goals.

Building Momentum

Building Momentum Builds Consistency

The biggest thing with building momentum is that it builds consistency. It’s pretty obvious I know, but many seem to forget that.

A lot of people are quick to get into the headspace they need to go all out.

If they want to build a habit working out, most will plan out 10 or more exercises and do those every day. They get into the headspace that they need to do those completely.

And that can be a problem in some cases.

It’s not out of the question for us to set the bar a touch higher than usual. A lot of us think as a means of challenging ourselves and if we do follow through with everything we’ll feel better. I won’t deny that that is sound logic, not to mention the more work we do the more progress we can make. But on a mental standpoint, that logic doesn’t make sense. Especially when you look at peoples mindsets.

In the end, while people may feel invested in doing something intensely, their motivation will begin to wane. That’s not due to a lack of interest, but rather the challenge being too challenging.

More specifically, the reason that’ll happen is that our brain goes into shock when we are forcing ourselves to change in a massive way. It can be as simple as being inactive to immediately trying to do a 15 minute workout filled with a good dozen exercises.

When it comes to exercising for me, I’m still at a stage where exercising is still kind of new to me. I’m not the most active individual to begin with so switching from that to a more active lifestyle has its bumps. And while I’ve gone through a challenge to help me be more active, I need to be pacing myself still.

My goal right now is to be consistent and I can be building momentum just by doing a good enough amount of exercises rather than burning myself out every day or so. Even if exercise is good for me, my goal is to build a lifestyle rather than a brief section of my life where I’m active.

Being Comfortable Yet Challenging

What I am currently building towards right now is to be building momentum at a somewhat comfortable pace, but still challenging myself as well. I believe that building momentum and consistency shouldn’t be done comfortably. In fact, I feel that it’s impossible to be both entirely comfortable and growing yourself.

Instead it’s smarter to be pushing yourself just enough that you’re improving in some way – whether it’s through habit building, physical or personal changes – but going at a pace where you’re not panicking mentally.

In order for us to grow, we need to step out of what is comfortable and push ourselves to do something different. I realize now how painful that process can be on a mental level. I certainly knew before, but lacked many personal experiences.

All of that changed when I challenged myself and got myself out there.

Find The Sweet Spot

For each person it’s different, but I can lend a hand as to where you can start off. My suggestion is in fact a number: 60 percent.

I wrote an article this week talking about some of the benefits of this, but I encourage others to employ it if you have a history of struggling. The idea with this is to put in 60% effort into the things that you want to build habits with.

For example, if you want to go for a walk for one hour, consider doing a 45-minute walk. For exercise complete only 60% of the exercises you listed out. The list can go on and on.

And sure people will argue that you’re being lazy about it, but it’s important to recognize your goals.

If you use this method your goal isn’t to maximize everything as much as you can right now. Right now your goal is to build that habit and to be building momentum in that area.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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