Building Momentum – Thursday May 18 2017

Yesterday was a wonderful day. It’s one step closer to the being that I want to be and the position that I want to be in in my life. Every step forward that I take and that anyone takes is one step closer to the being that we want to be in life.

Yesterday was the first day that I felt that I can say “I’m back.” and say it with utter confidence. I pushed myself a lot more than I did in the past week.

I am building momentum.

And now I’m going to set the bar higher.

The thing with building momentum is…

It’s vital that you set the bar higher, that you keep on building it up. Much like what I say about goals that you set: the destination doesn’t matter at all, it’s the direction.

What I mean by this is that you don’t stop once you hit a goal or the position that you want to be in life. When that happens we get lazy and sloppy. We break our momentum by purposefully stopping. That’s why goals being set as directions is smarter and seeing them as directions makes a lot more sense. It ensures you are pushing yourself but when you hit a road block or you fail in accomplishing that goal you won’t beat yourself up.

What matters most is you reached, you moved forward, even a little bit.

I believe that you’ll make it

Whatever you are setting out to do, you’ll get there. I have the utmost confidence in you. Why? Because I’m the kind of guy that wants people to succeed. I believe that more and more. That’s the person that I want to be.

Of course I want to be successful as well, but that’ll come in time. I have the utmost confidence in myself that I’ll get there as well. All our journeys are different is all.

We’re all building momentum at different levels and at different paces. Not to mention that momentum is bringing us to different paths. The paths we desire yes, but we all have different paths.

Keep building momentum

It will pay off in the end. There will be days even weeks where you’re in a rut. I know that. I’ve been stuck in one for the past week. However I made it out. I pushed myself and did so much yesterday and it made me feel accomplished.

Many entrepreneurs feel that I’m sure. The sensation of a satisfying day. Let’s continue to experience that feeling each and every day. I’ll be working more to feel it again. Let’s do this together!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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