One big aspect of growing your wealth is to always be learning. While the act of learning itself may not lead to direct income, there are still various benefits to consider from doing this. Often times it’s the things that we learn that we can use to increase our income, but there is more than that.

To be learning is a sort of lost art to many. Typically we give up learning after we graduate from university or even high school. It’s this decision that we make that is truly terrible and creates a variety of problems.

Learning is behind our neglect to understand many aspects of the financial industry. How our misuse of credit cards and other debts begins. And even how we think about the rich as well as our overall money mindset.

4 Reasons To Always Be Learning

Sparks Curiosity

If we want to be learning then it’s important for us to have a curious mind. After all, how we learn typically stems from our desire to be curious and to learn.

Think about it.

If you’re curious about something we often pull out our smartphones. We go to a search engine and ask a question. It’s from there where we get to learn.

But that curiosity can be used in other places. For sure we can learn things at that moment. But we can push that further into our lives.

For example, at this point in my writing career, I feel I’ve written a lot of content. I’ve covered a lot of subjects and I’m at the point now where I find myself asking questions.

Have I covered this before?

What about if I write from this angle?

These sorts of questions push me as a writer all because I’m curious. This same application can apply in your work as well.

It Keeps You Current

To be learning is to keep you and your mindset relevant to what’s going on in the world. This applies to both on an individual level but also on a grander scale as well.

Going back to what I mentioned above, a lot of people are financially illiterate because they are still clinging to old ways of thinking.

They took their financial advice from their parents.

And a lot of that information isn’t as relevant, especially since the parents of my generation lived in a time where you can pay back student loans from a summer job that pays minimum wage. Today you’d need at least two jobs or one that pays a lot.

But learning is also key to advance your career. A good manager or influencer in an industry is someone who spends time learning. It’s why we see the appeal in someone holding a masters degree these days. But I’d go further than that. I’d push to continue learning.

As you are no doubt aware, the world changes. But the same applies to industries as well. These days with technology advancing, we have less desire for people who don’t bother to advance themselves.

The people at the bottom who are only doing labour work will be replaced. That is unless they work hard and invest in learning other things.

Learning in this sense can not only remove you from risk of being laid off, but also can allow you to get promoted.

Learning Allows You To Be Creative

Or if you’re not into furthering your position, learning can also spark creativity from you. Like I mentioned above, learning doesn’t always lead to wealth directly but it can reveal things that can lead you to it.

If we are devoting ourselves to learning we’ll learn something about ourselves or find something we want to explore. In the end, learning can lead to us growing a business and forming other streams of income.

Take my own writing business. It grew to what it is now due to a few things. My curiosity was one but also me learning to write better, and develop my own style. Not to mention me learning to dedicate time to the craft. What once was a hobby has become a business that I’m working to grow further.

It Can Change Your World

Our reality stems from our own perception of the world. And this perception stems from what we know and understand about the world.

We see the world as a gloomy place if all we consume is terrible news. All the same, we can believe the world is great if we consume nothing but positive news.

This same concept applies to learning and knowledge as well. The more that we know about the world, the more we can see the larger picture of things.

If we’re not aware of something we can feel lost or disconnected. It’s why I always encourage people to know both sides of every argument. There is always another story and it’s important to know that when formulating an opinion.

Be Learning Always

Once we stop learning we start dying and I believe that. If we’re not using our brain or not developing ourselves, we’ll stagnate.

It is until we begin learning that we can grow further.

This is connected to everything. We learn when we fail and if we don’t we let that failure hang over our heads. If we stop learning after university, we’re not being current or cognitive of the industry and world we live in.

In the end, if we stop learning we won’t be able to fix our problems or achieve our goals. After all, the problems that we need to fix and the goals we want to achieve require us to become someone different in order to make those changes.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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