Let me tell you, staying back on track is difficult. That goes especially around this time of year. And while I’ve certainly caved a bit into temptation and have gone astray, there are some strategies I’ve been working on.

Some of these strategies are what pushed me to put together a new and improved workout regimen. They are also what has pushed me to stick to my smaller meals.

And while I’ll admit I’ve only worked out once this week, I think this week was more of an off week. Here’s why.

Staying Back On Track

It’s Easy To Drift Off

After a strict 6 week challenge, there’s something about me that wants to unwind a bit.

After all, I just went through a challenge where I literally dropped over 20 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for someone my age in a short time.

I wouldn’t say my body is in shock or anything, but I think it’s natural for us to drift back to where we were before. It’s why I got in this situation in the first place. Not to mention why after I finished this challenge I was asked why I wanted to stop going to the gym.

I do plan on coming back to Lift. But not at this very instant as my life has finally been progressing in other manners too.

Plus, I feel this is a temporary thing. I’ll be bouncing back.

My Strategies

The reason I’m saying this with confidence is that this challenge taught me many things. For sure I learned what I should do for weight loss.

However, losing weight is not just a physical challenge. It’s a mental one and it’s tough.

And some of you know how much I’m into the mental stuff.

Anyway, staying back on track for me will be a lot easier thanks to these mental strategies I’ve developed. These I learned through the challenge and through my own experiences as well.

Set Small Targets

During the challenge, I only worked out three times per week. I booked for four and showed up to three each week.

In other words, the targets I had, were pretty small in terms of activities. It’s not like I went from a few odd workouts here or there to suddenly showing up every day.

Developing habits takes time and the last thing you want is your body to go into shock. Meal plans do that, but so do habits.

And even though I worked out once and went for a 2-hour walk, that’s progress. That’s more exercise than if I sat at home all week.

And sure it’s less than what I was doing in the challenge. But give it time. I’ll get back up to three per week very soon.

Remind Yourself “Why?”

I’ve said time and again when you set a goal, you want to answer “Why?”

Why are you doing this?

Why do you think you’ll stick to this goal?

My health goal is tied pretty deeply to me, but this challenge prompted me to dive deeper.

At the start of the challenge, I was asked to write down a mantra of sorts. This would help me stay committed to the challenge.

And it did.

But it did more for me too.

It served as a reminder for why I started this.

Why I’ve chosen to write about this journey.

Why I got off my lazy ass and started to make real change in these past few months.

It’s also going to be why I’m going to be dedicated to getting back on track of my goals. Not to mention staying on track.

Make Efforts To Reach Out

There are some big reasons I’m not going back to the gym right now. For sure there’s the financial aspect of it. But the other reason is that this has taught me to reach out more.

As well as do other things.

In a week, I’ll be looking after my uncle for a few weeks. I accepted the offer because it’ll provide a change in environment. Plus I see it as a good opportunity to develop more habits.

I also want to be getting involved in sports such as tennis and badminton. I wasn’t the best, but I had fun and it’s a good workout. There are bound to be groups dedicated to this.

Another thing I miss is swimming, which I discovered is available at closer locations to where I live. They’re still a walk, but not as long of a walk. Swimming is great for overall toning which is what I want.

But this is a stretch for me considering who I am. It’s not like me to be involved in groups. But I realize now just how important that is.

Back On Track

So even though this week I did slip up a lot, I’m not worried. I’ll have the opportunity to bounce back. I can redeem myself. Not to mention, I’ve got a pretty solid plan right now.

This will help get back on track and develop myself further. I know it.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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