If you have been through a failed relationship or if you know that you want to win someone back but you don’t quite know how then you first need to look at the reasons why the relationship failed in the first place. You may find that you were at fault, or even situations that are beyond your control. Either way, by understanding the reasons behind the break-up, you can be sure to move on with your life.


If you have been suffering from depression or even anxiety then you may think that you always let yourself down. This negative feeling cannot really be cured unless you start to see yourself in a different light. All of this can easily lead to low self-esteem which can make it even harder for you to make that vital change. If you look back on your relationship and if you suspect that you were constantly down, always looking for reassurance or anything else similar then this could be the reason for your failed relationship. Even though the feelings you experience are real and in some instances, beyond your control, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t having a significant impact on your partner.


Being Controlling

A relationship should never feel like a prison sentence. Your partner should not have to put up with being scrutinised on a daily basis about all of the decisions they make. If you suspect that you didn’t give your partner enough free will or if you feel as though you had an influence in every decision that they made then this can really wear a relationship down. If you want to know how to get your ex back then it’s important that you let them enjoy the freedom that they have with other people.

Jealousy Isn’t Always Attractive

For some people, jealousy is an attractive feature. A huge amount of jealousy on the other hand is not attractive at all. The main reason behind jealousy is that you feel insecure about yourself, and you think if another person is better than you, they will take your loved one away. The problem is that by feeling this way and by acting on the way that you feel, you can actually end up driving your partner away.



Another reason why relationships fail is because both people become complacent. They spend their Saturday nights lounging around in their sweatpants while their partner is in the other room. This isn’t how a relationship should be and it is really important that you do things together and that you also spend time with one another. If you don’t do this then it is very easy to grow apart and eventually, you may feel as though you have nothing in common. This isn’t always the case, but when you spend so much time not actually being with someone, you forget what you used to love doing.

This is just a very small insight into how some relationships fail and if you suspect that one of the above reasons is behind your failed relationship then it is never too late to change. By changing yourself and by making yourself a better person, you can be sure to win back the love of your life!


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