Applying Yourself And Saying No To Distractions

Yesterday was a pretty big day for me. It marked the very first time I broke 500 views on Medium, a site where I guest post on. It’s amazing and I’m incredibly grateful for it and it goes to show one thing. That applying yourself consistently can pay off quite nicely.

Furthermore saying no to distractions will allow you to focus and recall what is most important for you. Distractions I believe are simply more tests. Tests to determine if you are cut out for this. Today I want to talk about tackling both of those cases.

Applying Yourself

It’s only been recently that I’ve been active with guest posting. I started in May 2017 with a few posts on Medium. But soon I found myself joining a wonderful community in April. This has led me to a few ideas and approaches, but more importantly, exposure I couldn’t even imagine.

All of that came from the applying myself, developing habits and setting goals and targets for myself to go after. These were further stressed by other facts that I realized over this journey. Things like understanding my skills, what I am good at and so on.

My point is when you want to be applying yourself, one of the key things is understanding your skills. Furthermore you have to believe in your own work. In one of Gary Vee’s videos titled Having Confidence In Yourselfhe goes on about a lot of his followers needing help selling. His advice was incredibly simple:

If you don’t have the confidence to sell, you believe that you are selling a shitty product.

Why this is important is that it limits how much you apply yourself. When you don’t have confidence in your skills or abilities you come up with excuses. There is a difference between looking for help when you need it, and looking for help to get away from it.

When you build up something, take the time to discover yourself. Your first idea and business doesn’t have to be perfect. When you first get into business it’s difficult to motivate yourself. But as long as what you are doing or the concept is something you believe in, you’ll find a way.

Saying No To Distractions

With distractions, they are things preventing you from applying yourself. They are another obstacle that you have to overcome. It’s also a really tough one as I explain in my recent video below. But in there I share something powerful that I believe can help people. 

How do you deal with distractions in your own life? Leave a comment down below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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