Altering Ideas

Yesterday I acted upon an idea that’s been brewing in my head. A card game. Even though I’ve said in the past it’s important to focus and not spread yourself out too much, I couldn’t help but act on this idea. Or at the very least jot down some notes for the idea.

During this process though I’ve been debating over how the game will be presented and how it’ll be played. I had an idea of it initially but as I’ve been delving into it the more I realized one aspect would be too excessive and changed it. In essence, I was altering ideas that I had formed and created something new that made more sense.

Have Flexibility With Your Ideas

Was the lesson that I learned from that moment. Of course that is all easier said than done much like changing our mindsets or simply changing ourselves.

Ideas are difficult as people are more fixated on the idea and prefer things to be done in a specific way. It is their idea and it’s how they want it to go after all. Altering ideas in that sense is challenging when someone is stubborn around that particular area.

But having that flexibility is a great gift to have and is vital to being an entrepreneur. After all…

Not All Ideas Go As Planned…

And you’ll have to make changes. In this case there would be a need to balance the cards and ensure core mechanics actually work well with one another. Not to mention that the game is also entertaining.

But even at the beginning when the idea is simply an idea. There can be many times where from a brainstorm session or even a previous idea can compliment your idea. Being open to applying that change and creating something else can help you in creating a million-dollar idea.

My Point In All This…

Is that when you have an idea, be open to altering it. Have the flexibility to change and adapt the idea with the times. Even during production be aware that the idea can change, that some facets may not work well at the moment. But that never means that it is entirely useless. Simply be flexible.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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