As a writer, you’d think that I have a lot of alone time. After all, the occupation of a writer is a pretty lonely one. But that’s not quite the alone time that I’m talking about.

And the alone time I’m thinking about is something that I lack in my life.

I’m talking about being entirely alone to your thoughts. Sitting in a dark – or sunny – room and doing absolutely nothing.

It might not be your exact definition of a fun time, but I feel that doing this is necessary in our lives.

Our society believes that so many of us need to be constantly moving and doing something. Not to mention we all need to be connected and active on social media.

But it’s these types of things that give us a bombardment of information. Not to mention it can feel like a lot of pressure.

I’m not saying we should be entirely disconnected. Instead what I propose is to spend a little bit of time to yourself. Use the time to meditate or to simply lay in bed and do nothing for a little bit.

Here’s why.

Why We Need Alone Time

It Boosts Productivity And Concentration

I’ve always been a fan of taking breaks and this is the main reason why. Larger breaks in your life allow you the time to get your head back into the game.

By doing nothing at all or being entirely alone, you are allowing your brain to process everything. You’re not passively consuming media and all you are left with is all the information that you’ve taken in over the day.

Taking the time to filter through all of that stuff can be pretty relieving and allow you to focus on the other things that matter.

It Prompts Self Discovery

There used to be a time where I did spend a lot of my time to myself. It was mainly around my time spent through the Katimavik program.

I didn’t quite think of it much at the time but I know that time alone was time well spent for me. It taught me a lot of things about myself and even to process and handle emotions – something I wasn’t that great with at the time.

But it was around that time where I learned that I didn’t have much of a stance or a belief in anything.

Everything that was me seemed borrowed as opposed to something that was genuinely me.

And while I’ve certainly grown since then, it’s still good to spend that time in self-discovery. You never know if you’ve changed your mind or stance on something. After all, it’s really hard to pay attention to that if you are constantly thinking in progression.

Forcing this time to sit down, unwind and process everything is an essential component to growing.

You Allow Your Problems To Change

The problems in our lives are big challenges that we can grow from, however, it can be tricky what is the best course of action.

By using your alone time you’re effectively improving your brains capacity to handle things better. Not to mention you’re strengthening your brain as well.

With that boost, you can use that opportunity to think of new and creative ways around your problems.

It’s the same concept as so many people making breakthroughs in the shower. The calm splash of water and the opportunity to relax is just enough for people to think. And that is where innovation is born.

Have Some Alone Time

Whether it’s an hour or ten minutes, having some alone time over the course of the day can help. It’s a time to relieve all the pressures from the daily grind and allow you to process everything.

Though saying all of this is one thing and actually following through is another. So here’s some methods you can use to help with this.

  • Close your door. A simple tactic, but it tends to work quite well. It’s a universal sign for “don’t bother me.” At the very least, they’ll knock first.
  • Schedule time for it. It’s easy for me to have a structure around it since I work from home, but I know others won’t have it that easy. Have a birds-eye view of what you are doing every day and set a little bit of time during the day for it.
  • Set reminders. In the beginning, it’s easy to forget or push things off (I know it all too well.) when things don’t go your way. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up and be sure to set reminders. From sticky notes to an alarm on your phone, do what you can to remind yourself to slow down at times.

Just like with meditation, being alone has many health benefits. Though in many of the cases here I feel being alone adds more mental depth. You’re not going through guided meditations, but rather allowing your brain to catch up and for you to focus on what really matters right now in your life.

It’s a good feeling and shouldn’t be disregarded.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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