Address and Ignore

“Weak people revenge. Smart people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” This is a quote that has some meaning in my own life and is something my brother and I discussed yesterday. He recently had a problem with a former business man and I shared that piece of advice. Particularly the last part I see more as a way to solve problems. I call it address and ignore.

I’m with my brother with regards to the quote that intelligent people ignore problems. Ignoring a problem right from the start isn’t going to make it go away. For me, I again interpret it as addressing an issue and ignoring it afterwards.

Addressing Problems

The only way things will improve in a problem is by addressing it. I know first hand and no doubt other people can attest to ignoring problems, or emotions, is detrimental. Bottling things up will only allow people to explode once the pressure gets too much.

No amount of calming tactics or belief in yourself will prevent you from bursting. We are emotional beings at our core and there are times where even the nicest of people will express anger or hatred.

Problems is no different. It will continue to be a problem until you take the time to resolve a problem. By addressing it you are acknowledging it and though I don’t encourage you to dwell on the problem, some level of action must be made.

Ignoring Later On

Dwelling on a problem will only make the problem seem bigger in our heads. This is why I believe it’s important that we address it and focus on a solution as opposed to pointing fingers and laying blame.

However as we all know not all problems solve themselves. Some times they do resolve and some times they don’t. I believe that quote is referring to times where problems aren’t resolved initially. It definitely leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

In the end when things are at a crossroads and solutions are actually presented I believe it’s best to ignore the person should the argument not sway any of the parties involved. In the case with my brother, he nor his former business partner are likely to change stances.

That’s why in this instance it’s better to present a logical and reasonable solution (which my brother is doing) and leave it at that.

Of Course….

Not all problems can be solved in this particular fashion. Problems can arise in many different fashions and of course each person has their own tactics and way of thinking.

In the end what I believe is important is to find some level of common ground with one another. To find a balance that both parties can agree with. In cases where that doesn’t happen there really is no point dwelling on the problem or forcing someone to change.

It’s better at that point to move on as you are more than likely to repeat the same conversation. That’ll happen until someone changes their mindset.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon 

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