This week has been a week of biking for myself. It all started a few weeks ago when my cousin encouraged me to take up biking.

I used to bike before in the past, but as I said before, I stopped mostly due to leg problems.

But as I’ve been fixing some of the underlying health issues, I have started to seriously consider cycling.

In fact, I acted on that consideration and have biked considerably over this past week. On Monday I biked for 8 kilometers for a dentist appointment. The day after I biked downtown to do work which ended up being an 18 kilometers bike ride. There was also on Saturday where I came into town and ventured another 7 kilometers.

A Week of Biking

Biking As A Habit

All in all these massive biking excursions have gotten me accustomed to biking again. In the past, I didn’t travel as vast of a distance, but now it makes sense for me to do that. Not for the sake of purchasing goods but as a way to relax and unwind.

All in all, biking is a viable activity for me to consider, especially when considering the health benefits of it too.

Those benefits plus the fact that biking is something I’m finding myself doing at least a few times a week is a reason for me to consider this a daily habit.

Health Benefits Of Biking

One of the big things, why I want a week of biking and many other weeks of biking, is the fact that cycling is one of those high-intensity cardio workouts that aren’t as intense. Depending on the speed at which you are biking, you can burn from as little as 200 calories to upwards of 500 calories every 30 minutes.

With this in mind, most of my bike trips take about an hour at this point so I can imagine I’m burning calories around the 400-500 mark in total.

Furthermore, biking helps in elevating the heart rate and doing an all-around better job at that than walking could. There are still some perks to walking and I don’t want to discount it, but I think early morning biking could be something for me to consider right after a nice workout.

More Than A Week Of Biking

I want to develop this habit further as biking can be a great opening for me to burn a lot of weight as time goes on. Considering the fact I also lack a vehicle it makes sense to rely on this during the months where it makes sense to use it rather than solely rely on walking everywhere.

What sort of health habits have you discovered recently that you want to pick up on? Leave your comments below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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