This week was a week of betterment for sure. As we wrap up June and enter July, I spent this week making some additions. I’ve started to show further dedication to my health. From biking far more often to some other things I’ve been doing that I’ll share with you today.

A Week of Betterment

More & Better Biking

So what does a week of betterment look like? For me, it’s making bigger progress than before. As each week is going by I’m getting better and better at biking. I’m not sure how much better of a biker I am compared to when I was younger, however, there’s still progress.

I’ve been biking on a daily basis and have even opted for biking for longer periods as my workout too. As a result, I’ve been able to bike up tougher hills that proved to be larger challenges for me. To my surprise, I’m handling them quite well too.

All in all, biking is getting better for me, although I’m still not sure yet if I’ve been making a lot of progress weight loss-wise.

Also, don’t worry about the other exercises. I still do them on most days. But days where I’m going into town, I often fall back to biking since I bike for roughly an hour to an hour and a half total that day.

Using Pills

Another thing that I did was now that I have money, I can afford to buy some pills. Again, I’ve done my own research on these particular pills. Furthermore, they are vitamin pills that provide things that I’m lacking.

This is a huge step forward for me as I am slowly addressing another issue that I have. This problem is the fact that I live at my parent’s place. Because I still live with my parents the excuse I keep drawing back to is that it can be hard to change my diet because others are eating different stuff.

Although that is true, I feel that excuse has really been wearing thin, especially when I started to think of ways around it. Using vitamin pills is certainly one way towards fixing the issue. The other is getting a bit more food for myself and cooking in advance.

Speaking of food…

Attempting Smaller Meals & Eating Slower

I’ve been working a little bit on having smaller meals and overall eating slower. I’m certainly a faster eater in most situations, but I have been trying to pace myself a little more. There are still some things I need to work on, but I have noticed some improvements.

The other thing I’ve been working on is having smaller meals in general. This has been tricky, especially since I recently discovered why some of us eat larger meals for supper.

You know the saying “Have breakfast fitting for a king, lunch for a prince, and supper for a pauper,” right? Well, that’s how we should be eating, however, most of our diets are in reverse. A lot of people skip or have little for breakfast, skip lunch entirely and have a massive meal for supper.

That’s not how I eat, but I still generally have a modest breakfast, a small lunch, and a larger supper. The supper part is where I want to be more conscious about it and I think what’ll help is having a larger lunch. That, or do what I have been doing and actually taking my time. Not to mention drink more water.

A Week Of Betterment

The reason why I’m making this big leap is I want to be getting something out of this. I keep bullshitting myself time and again. And I know I keep repeating myself when I say I’m getting tired of it, but seriously, I’m pretty tired of it.

If I want to be improving my health, I’ll need to be on my toes with this one and I can’t get away with a little bit of exercise and having the same meals all the time.

There needs to be change and I’ve brought it this time.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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