Being confident in yourself is a matter of being a better person to those around you.

I believe that whole heartedly as I’ve been able to help many people from being confident in my abilities. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have started a Youtube channel, nor would I be writing.

But today I want to write about everyone else being a better person. By all means I can still grow myself, but we all can. Furthermore for many young adults, this week is March Break. With no or little responsibilities, this is a good opportunity to start growing yourself more.

So here are 8 actions, that you can develop as habits, that can make you a better person.

Making Commitments And Following Through

Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but lack of commitment. – Vince Lombardi

The first one may be an obvious one, but with so many people giving up halfway, this is worth repeating. That is to make commitments and follow through with them. When you say something to yourself or to others, whole heartedly believe it. This is the first sign of confidence, doing what you set out to do.

You may not like doing what you’re doing right now, but when you have a purpose and set out towards a particular goal, you’ll find it fun as time goes on. That’s the same case with everything you develop. So by having this foundation and developing your approach, the other seven actions will be a bit easier.

Spend One Hour Doing A Project

I am sure there is some point in your life where you wanted to do something and didn’t follow through. You pushed it off and said someday. Well that someday is today.

I want you to take some steps on that project.

It doesn’t matter if that project fails or succeeds, but do it for your own peace of mind. For many people who are dying, they aren’t thinking about their accomplishments. They are thinking about the things they didn’t do.

Yes the idea might sound stupid and doesn’t hold any water today, but make adjustments and start working a little bit at a time away at the project. You never know where it’ll take you.

That someday is today. Commit to being a better person.

Be A Better Person By Complimenting

This is a simple task, but it can hold merit over time as a writer from Lifehack suggests. Giving compliments and lifting people up is what a better person does. Give out compliments often and be genuine about it. Furthermore give compliments to yourself even more than that.

To be a confident person is to believe in your skills and abilities. So by lifting yourself up and praising your skills, and by sharpening them, that statement becomes more and more true.

Read At Least One Book That Helps You

A book is a dream that you always hold in your hands. – Anonymous

Sure every book and even comics can help in their own way, but I suggest reading a book in the business or self improvement industry. Whether that’s going to a book store and buying one or picking one up from the local library, I think it’s important for us to read a little bit.

Depending on the size of the book, I find myself having to read 30-50 pages per day myself, as I’ve been reading a book per week. So I know that it is possible for a regular person to pick up a book and read it.

The knowledge that’s in there can be incredibly helpful to you in so many ways. So take time out of your day to pick up a book and start reading away.

Read one book per week that helps you and apply that knowledge.

Do Some Journaling

I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say. – Flannery O’Connor

I know I used to write about my day and publish it on this blog, that’s what #BetterMeNow has become. But you don’t need to go to that extent. By investing in a journal (either physical or online), I believe that we can understand ourselves better. Do some exploring and find articles that ask you deep questions (like these 50 questions). Write responses to them every day and even question what you are writing.

Even talking about your day can make a difference as you can understand your view point. By going into detail about events and how you view the world, you can better understand yourself. The more you understand yourself, the more you understand people.

Clean Out Your Room/House

It’s still winter, but don’t be afraid to go through and do some cleaning of your room, house, or apartment. Pick out the things that you don’t really need and set them aside. A lot of problems with people’s houses is that they accumulate a lot of stuff.

That’s where people get the hoarder mentality and cling to things that aren’t really important. That can get out of hand very quickly so I believe doing routine clean-ups can help a lot.

For one, those items that you set aside you can put towards a good cause. Either to increase your wealth by selling it, or by donating. Either way, a cleaner space is good for your own mentality as you are able to think better and a clean space is more appealing to the eyes.

Go For A Walk Every Day

Whether is really no excuse to get outside and go for a walk (unless we’re talking extreme whether here). Walking in general helps to burn fat and generally is a good exercise to do. I’m not saying go out and do 10,000 steps, but squeezing in a walk for a good 30 minutes can make a difference for your health.

Walking briskly will you give you more benefits, but in general it’s always good to get your body moving. Especially if you are someone who sits around all day.

You could also replace this with any kind of exercising that’ll get your heart pumping. Either way it’s a good habit worth developing.

Make A New Connection

This week take some time to talk and build a relationship with someone else. Ideally someone that you can hang out with in the real world.

Forming bonds with other people is incredibly important and can lead to many great things. So don’t be shy about it. A better person knows that they can only get better with people around them.

Try This

It doesn’t take much to be a better person, but through the experiences, you can learn a lot from it. I encourage you to take these actions to heart and commit to them, you’ll never know where you might go from them.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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