One thing that I stand behind as a writer is this: never submit poor posts to others.

It’s a rule that over time I have stuck to whenever I deal with other people regarding submissions. And it’s a rule that I strongly believe that others should be adopting as well.

That is not to say that I’ve never written poor posts before. I’ve had my fair share of posts where I feel they’re weaker or not my best. Some of them feel even forced. And I’m sure in some cases you’ve clicked submit or publish on posts that made you feel that way too.

But for me, not once have I ever passed those types of posts over to others. Like I said, I have never gone to submit poor posts to others.

Here is why.

5 Reasons To Never Submit Poor Posts To Others

It Makes You A Weak Writer

We all have ups and downs. Some posts we create are some of the most powerful pieces that enhance our careers while others are a heaping pile of turds. No matter what, you know that you’re a writer when you start to feel emotions about your own work.

For me, I use those emotions to gauge whether my heart is in a post or not. And of course the type of emotions that I feel will determine the quality of the work.

In terms of when people submit poor posts, it gives me the distinct impression that they are weak writers. That their emotions when writing this weren’t fully in it.

And like I said, we all have our ups and downs for sure. But when you are deliberately passing down poor work that you created to someone else, it says more.

You may have off days and that’s alright, but when you submit poor posts to people they don’t know that. All they see is a weak article and a weak writer.

It’s Insulting

On top of poor submitted posts making you a weak writer it’s also pretty insulting. On various platforms like Medium or Huffington Post, submitting poor posts on there isn’t that bad. If your writing is good people will see it and if it’s not up to par then it’ll be buried to the bottom.

I feel that writing for large-scale platforms is alright as you can grow and learn from your poor posts. But all of that changes drastically if you are writing for someone specifically.

When you submit poor posts or a single one it says something more than you’re a weak writer. As I said, it can be insulting as well.

Here you are trying to build a relationship, and sending a poor post to someone is akin to you spitting in their face. It makes the person feel used and dirty. That they’ve gone out of their way to try and build a connection with someone that clearly doesn’t care.

It’s insulting.

They Don’t Grow You

On the back-end of all of this, a poor post doesn’t always help a writer grow. Depending on their overall attitude, poor posts don’t help in a writers’ development at all.

From my experiences, writers only begin to grow when they take time to look at their work. Not to mention doing research, looking into themselves,brainstorming topics, and most importantly getting feedback and getting out and experiencing life.

There are many ways to grow as a writer but the idea to submit poor posts is not one of those things.

In so many cases of writers they don’t bother to look back at their posts and reflect on them. I know this because for several years I was one of those people. I always focused on the writing that had to be done.

Not once did I think about how I could grow as a writer and how I can build a better audience. I’m still working on this to this day.

Submitting a poor post in that sense symbolizes that as a writer. For sure I understand that you may be trying your best, but that is always hard to determine when looking at posts.

It’s not always clear which writer doesn’t care and which writer is trying their best and just isn’t up to par.

But one thing is certain about that writer’s career. Even if they only submit one post to another person, their writing skills will not flourish if they post and leave.

It Provides Little Benefit To Writers

The other thing to consider is the value of these deals. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s important to branch out your work to various platforms.

Whether that’s making connections with other writers and posting work on their site or posting on other sites like Medium, Inc., and other high traffic sites.

Anyone who has spent a little bit of time with SEO knows that the amount of times a link shows up and the quality of the site where the link shows up will determine a lot.

From page rankings, to the level of engagement and traffic. And those types of things can impact the persons earnings as well.

It’s a wonderful thing that a single post can pay dividends for years.

But you don’t really see that in cases where you submit poor posts. As I’ve said above, poor posts tend to get buried under the stronger and higher quality posts. In the end, the writer submitting the post and the writer publishing on their site will receive little benefit for it.

It’s Terrible For Readers

But above all, the biggest reason why one should never submit poor posts is that it’s terrible for the readers.

No matter the circumstances, a writer is meant to be helpful and to entertain. If they don’t do that, they lose the reader and they’ll move on to other things.

And that’s why some articles will get pushed to the bottom. If they don’t gain any traction then it suggests a poor title or a poor image. But when people click and then leave it’s more to do with the writing itself.

And it’s in those instances where a poorly written article can leave a bad taste in the reader’s mouth. And that’ll change the reader’s experience entirely.

In short, sending poor posts doesn’t help anyone.

Never Submit Poor Posts

We all want to strive to be the best version of ourselves that we can be. In order for this to happen we need to accept that sometimes we have off days. Some days, we’ll write articles that aren’t up to par.

In those instances, sometimes it’s wise to take those hits because maybe they may perform better than you thought. Who is to say that your readers won’t like this post? You never know until you click submit.

And of course, there is nothing wrong with going back and making changes. I’ve done that a few times myself.

But in cases where you are submitting work to others, be sure to take some extra care. After all, this work is the impression that you will leave to that writer and their readers. In those instances, it’s important to go back through and read their submission guidelines. Maybe take some time to read over your article out loud. Or even pull away from writing the article and let your thoughts muddle it over for a bit before getting back to it.

These kinds of practices can help in ensuring you’re submitting good quality posts to others that they would love and their readers would love too.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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