In this week’s meeting with my accountability partner I suggested a proposal. I wanted us to try out setting year end goals. Or at least a goal to achieve at the end of the year. And though this is the first time I’ve done this, I feel there’s a lot of benefits to it. Specifically setting year end goals now.

We are nearing the home stretch of this year, in fact we’re entering the last quarter by October. Though you may be thinking it’s too late to set a big goal, it actually isn’t. When you take time to think about it.

3 Valuable Benefits Of Setting Year End Goals Now

Goal setting, regardless of the time that it is set is valuable. Goals in our lives are things that propel us forward in life. To grow is to fail or succeed at our goals and to take lessons from those experiences and apply them in our lives.

I asked last week what do you want to accomplish this year? It’s a powerful question and you still have a decent amount of time to think about it. However I would encourage you all this week, before September starts, to ponder that question. To come up with an answer and to have to a plan of action for the next 4 months.

That’s what I did with my accountability partner yesterday.Setting year end goals now. Or more specifically one goal.

Here’s why I believe it’ll help me, my accountability partner, and you too.

It Puts Into Perspective How Much You Are Capable Of

At the beginning of the year I set a lofty goal of how much money I’d be making: $50,000. For the record, I am no where close to that. But at the time I didn’t understand how much I was capable of. Even though this year had many wonderful things, I haven’t been able to turn this writing gig into a living just yet.

But by setting year end goals now, I believe you have more perspective. You only have 4 more months so you can’t set a massive ambitious goal. But you can set a realistic yet challenging goal right now. Something to push towards for the rest of this year.

Your Other Goals Will Be Focused Around It

I talked about having a big picture whythe benefits of it and so on. Although these are great benefits, the issue is we have no clue when we will be in that position described. I may be living on my own terms in a year from now, maybe two, or three. Or even more.

It’s hard to tell. However, setting year end goals now will allow your goals to be more focused around that goal. It has a time stamp. This year end goal becomes a focal point for all the goals you’ll be setting for the next 4 months. It gives you something to look forward to. But also you have something that you are building up to.

It Prompts You To Focus

Setting year end goals now can provide a tremendous benefit to you. But having only one of them I believe is better than having multiple year end goals. It’s easier to set a why around it. Not to mention that if you have a big picture why, it will tie into that.

Already I see myself having more concentrated goals, but already thinking about how to best use my time. To be patient and to formulate ideas and then take action. I feel like I am working harder and smarter already by setting up certain things.

I believe this is the case with my accountability partner who has been setting fewer goals, yet is crushing them and moving forward.

I believe this can be the case for you too.

So Let Me Ask You One More Time

What do you want to achieve this year? You still have time to decide, but I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you want to achieve in the comments below.

I also ask that you share this with other people as well as goal setting can truly be powerful when you have a plan, and take action.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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