When you change your diet, a few things will happen. Of course there is the more predictable things. Your body adapts to new foods and filters out what you’re used to eating. But there is a little more to it on a mindset stand point as well.

I feel it’s important to write about it now particularly since one of my goals is to have 3 “Paleo Days”. Basically a day where I don’t eat any grain products.

In the end my goal is to filter out grain products entirely as they are massive source for my weight gain. I also don’t want to make the shift in an instant as that may mess with my work greatly too.

But having gone through one of those days, there’s a few things I can learn from it and want to share with you.

An Appreciation For Food

One of the big things with a shift in diet is portions for me. I get into the headspace that what I’m pursuing actually has meagre portions. In the end, I worry that I’ll still be hungry even after having my meal.

Even though I’ve done Paleo before and there are definitely filling meals in there, I still remind myself of one thing. Pacing yourself.

I take the time to appreciate my food more.

When you change your diet, focus on the colour and the different food that you are using to create your meal. I know for myself I spotted a difference and I started to take my time with the dishes.

You Kind Of Feel Like Crap

I’d say the only real downside is when you make shifts, you’ll have withdrawals. Even with this meticulous plan of mine where I’m easing myself in, I still kind of feel like crap.

In the end though you have to deal with it. Change is something that we all must deal with. Some change is great and you do it willingly. Some times you blatantly refuse and resist.

It’s a matter of rolling with the punches, taking the leap and putting up with the crap. All the while you know this crappy feeling is temporary.

Prompts You To Think Forward

Even though I feel like crap and I may be kind of out of it, I’m still looking forward to the change. When you change your diet, the side effects are temporary.

I feel my overall productivity could’ve been better yesterday.

But I’m not getting on my case that much about it. I know I’ll get better once my body adapt to this change.

I think more forward than I typically would, even in situations where I have cravings. In the end, I remind myself of the path I want to be taking. But also the end results of all of this too.

Have you changed your diet recently? Leave a comment below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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megkonovska · September 28, 2017 at 5:55 pm

Hey, Eric!
Great insights you have there!

Another important shift you need to consider is thinking of the changes as a voluntary choice. Once you start thinking of your food as a fuel for your body and what’s best for you, rather than being restricted, you start to appreciate it and enjoy it more than ever!

I noticed when doing a 30-day body transformation challenge that my “addiction” with certain foods is based more on the social behaviours, rather than on the actual needs of my body. I.e. I ASSOCIATE the foods with certain experiences, people and emotions, hence the desire to consume them. Once you acknowledge that, it is much easier to gain the control back and continue on you journey of health and life growth.

Good luck!

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