3 Reasons Why Having Quality Conversations Can Help

Conversations. We have conversations on a regular basis with all kinds of people. However there is a big difference between regular conversations and quality conversations. I can say that I’ve had a few quality conversations yesterday that have really set the tone for this week for me. So today I want to talk about how quality conversations can help you in your self improvement journey.

About Quality Conversations

But before we delve into that, what exactly is a quality conversation? The first thing that comes to mind is a quality conversation has to be very long and packed full of helpful information. Some of that I agree with. True a quality conversation has information you can take action with. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be a lengthy conversation.

And even in some cases it depends on the quality of the information. An hour or two long conversation where you apply nothing at all seems like a waste of time.

Quality conversations to me boil down to what sort of information you get out of it. Does it change the perception of that person? Did you get anything you would actually use? How helpful was that conversation? Those are the things that really matter the most to me.

With that covered let’s get into why quality conversations can help.

It Enriches Relationships

I had a conversation with a few of my writing pals. Meg Konovska (who wrote an awesome post for this blog) was one of them. Through that conversation and even in her post I got to understand her more. I understood more of where her motivation lies. Furthermore with where she wants to go. The same can be said with Cori Leigh too, another good writer.

Before those conversations though I saw them as people I was in the trenches with figuratively speaking. We are all writers looking to get our writing work out there through supporting each other. However, through conversations I was able to understand more of them. It broke down that emersion that these people aren’t just my writing pals, they’re people I can talk to about my writing more.

It’s a big thing for me, after all, I’m not the most open person when it comes to my writing specifically.

You Improve Your Conversation Skills

I believe this particular reason depends on your perception of things. When I was a shy boy, I struggled with conversations in real life. Though I held perfectly normal conversations online.

I wouldn’t say that I was frustrated about that fact. However I realized down the road that having conversations online did help me a little. Especially when I had some tougher ones.

Although I agree conversations in public is more effective, you can improve conversation skills slightly online. Again it depends on the conversation. The more you open up and be personal and authentic the more helpful it seems. Not to mention handling different kinds of conversations from debates, and arguments, to idle chatter and intellectual conversations.

Getting Tangible Information

Quality conversations can help the most in this sense the most. Getting tangible information that you can use helps tremendously. As long as it’s something the person can take action and actually use. For example, those two conversations I had with Meg and Cori I got something more than understanding from them. I got some helpful tips to overall improve my blog.

These tips are things I can take action on immediately. And I already took some of the tips that Cori offered me. Like that comment issue I didn’t know was even a problem. So now you can comment again finally.

But the thing is is if I didn’t have that conversation, I would still be oblivious to that problem. Scratching my head as to why I’m getting no comments at all.

Some Times A Quality Conversation Can Be A Breakthrough

My point in all of this is that quality conversations can literally be breakthroughs for you. They can be things that push you to be a better person. Or be better at what you are working on. Even if that person isn’t the biggest blogger, author, youtuber, or entrepreneur, each person has their own way to inspire people.

Mine is through conversations. So even if I’m a small blogger, author, youtuber, and entrepreneur, I know I can make a difference. I can motivate people to get to the next level of their life and their growth and I can too!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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