Our brain is a wonderful and very interesting part of our body. There is certainly a lot that is going on in our brain. So much so that we can leverage a lot of what’s going on in our brain as a means to grow.

But also at the same time, our brain can be a hinderance to us as well. Keeping us stuck in a vicious loop where we don’t really get anywhere. It in those instances that it’s important to have a clear mind.

But how can we get a clear mind? It’s actually quite simple, it’s a matter of practicing is all. Here’s some methods to try out.


One of the most powerful methods out there is meditation. However for a lot of people, it takes a lot of time to truly master meditation. When I first started I actually fell asleep which is a common occurrence. Even to this point now I find it difficult for me to manifest anything from meditation.

But I do believe that it does work as my experiences so far have been I’ve stopped thinking. I’ve gotten a clearer mind from doing daily meditation.

Also meditation doesn’t have to be done when sitting down. Nor do you have to be in any particular stance. The notion that you need to do those things to meditate is wrong. You can meditate while you are walking or driving to work.

When you meditate you are allowing yourself to open up and talk to a higher being. Or your true being as some people might call it. Over time by practicing this you’ll have a better grasp of who you are and where you want to go, but more importantly why you are going this way. Not to mention you’ll also receive a few other health benefits from meditation as well.

Deep Breathing

This goes great when it’s paired with meditation. Steady breathing allows you to relax and in general calms your mind. It soothes you when you have anxiety or are nervous as well. When you practice deep breathing you are allowing your body to relax deeply and with meditation you can have a clear mind from doing this on a regular basis.

All in all breathing steadily helps much like breathing when we are exercising. When we exercise and breath properly, our muscles tend to grow more. The same is true when we meditate and breath deeply, we’re exercising our brain.

Audio Cues

The last thing is audio cues. More specifically listening to particular sound frequencies. Music and sounds release sound waves and can make us feel various emotions.

There are a variety of  waves like alpha and theta waves that help with clearing our head, making us more productive and more.

When You Have A Clear Mind

Even though all these methods are great, what are the actual merits to having a clear mind? Why go through daily meditation or listening to sound waves?

Having a clear mind is important for a few reasons and for myself one of the big ones is understanding your direction. When we have so many distractions out there it can be difficult to follow what path we want to go in.

It’s not like some “path of temptation and sin” or anything like that. It’s the path that you truly want to be taking. A lot of times that’s obstructed by our brain but also other people’s own thoughts on the subject.

I go back to the fact that I pursued accounting for seven years only to end up not liking it and going in the direction I’m in now.

I was lost, but when I got a clearer mind, I only see what’s ahead of me and know I can make it.

A Clear Mind Will Help In So Many Ways

But having a clear mind will help in many other ways too. As I’ll be talking about it throughout this week I will be stressing the importance of a clear mind.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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