3 Ingredients To Live A Life Of Positivity

Yesterday I posted on Medium why too much positivity can be dangerousI believe that too much positivity can harm your mental state, choosing to ignore current issues.

Choosing to ignore any signs of conflict or negativity.

Choosing to ignore pain and suffering from people around the world.

Even though positivity is a positive thing, it’s important to be aware of negativity in the world. All that being said, you also don’t need to consume all negativity and be a negative individual.

Today I’ll be sharing 3 ingredients that I use in order to live a life of positivity.

Expressing Gratitude

To live a life of positivity, one must express gratitude in their own life. This may seem easy on paper but it’s actually quite challenging.  What I did starting off is be fixated on the things that I do have in life. I believe the best way to start off expressing gratitude is by looking at what you have and appreciating it.

So many people struggle with this as they are more fixated on what they don’t have. I understand that people want to aspire for more things. I know myself that I’d like to improve my situation. However by focusing on a lack you are missing out on what you do have.

Filtering Social Media

We spend a lot of our time on social media. Or at the very least when we do check it our moods can be altered. A lot of the content that we see may not be what we want to be seeing. A lot of it is negative or depressing.

Even though we shouldn’t be oblivious to negativity, I believe we should filter most of it out. Especially when it’s content you don’t particularly care for. Instead replace it with content you do want to be seeing.

Much like the power of association, what you put into your head is important. When the information from social media is negative, and generally pointless (to you), then that will reflect in your way of thinking.


Meditation is a tactic that I use from time to time but want to be using it more in my life. It’s allowing yourself to relax and wind down. Meditation provides a number of various benefits but above all makes you able to connect with people better.

I believe by being able to connect with other people it’s easy to say you’re deepening your connection with yourself. Specifically you would have a deeper understanding of how to live a life of positivity. What makes you happy, and what are some things in your life you need in order to be happy.

What Are Some Other Things You Do To Be Happy?

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To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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