There are many possibilities of what is making you come up with excuses. One thing may boil down to the fact you don’t have a quality person in your own network.

After all, who you associate with determines a lot about your own life. Far more than you might think. So being around the right people is important.

Some of these people can bring you to your next level, or just in general they are a quality person.

Here are some qualities of those kinds of people and how they can help you in your network.

Understanding & Caring

One of the big things for them is caring and understanding. For one, they realize there is more to a problem. That there is always another side to the story.

Regardless they understand the situation you are going through and they care enough that they want to help you.

These are people who will do acts of kindness out of the goodness of their own hearts.

They do this because they understand what people are going through.

Every person in the world has a problem. But they realize that making life just a little easier and doing something nice could lead to fixing it.

As a result, they will help you along the way. Whether that’s providing a helping hand or just checking up on you.

Hold You Accountable

The next thing with a quality person is that they hold you accountable. Even if they are working in a different field as you they can still inspire you.

The fact they are working beside you, being successful or learning new things, it does help.

But they also ensure it’s not just about them. They want to hold you accountable as well. So they’ll check up on you. They’ll talk to you and help troubleshoot your problems.

They understand the struggle because they’re going through it as well. Regardless they’re not letting you get dragged behind and so they tell you to keep going and pushing.

They Lift You Up

Following the holding accountable part their stories and words are inspiring. Whether they are sharing what they learn or sharing a success it’s a way of inspiring others.

In general they carry around an aura of positivity and inspiration. Regardless, people can sense it and it does affect them in a positive manner.

It doesn’t matter what their status is, whether they are rich and/or famous, or they’re still making a name for themselves, they still inspire and lift others.

Try This

Of course a lot of this stuff is easy to do when you want to change your mindset. Of course finding a quality person can help you grow into one faster but here are some things you can do yourself.

Start with doing acts of kindness and being selective with your words. Always ensure that you are being as positive as you can to others.

Practice positive affirmations on a daily basis, tell yourself you are awesome.

Start making changes to your network. Expand it by talking to other people or enriching your own life by setting goals with your friends.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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