There are many important questions that we need to ask ourselves. Some of these questions are about lives in general, our career, our productivity or our business. Darius Foroux outlines 21 of those key questions in an article here.

And while these are great questions to be asking, I’d like to expand that list.

I’d like to add 10 more of them which focus on some other areas of our lives. Areas that are worth looking at outside of the areas mentioned above.

Why Bother?

Questions are essential to providing a deep understanding and meaning to our lives. I find in times of struggle or emotional conflict, it’s vital for us to ask the important questions.

I’m all but familiar with this. Especially since recently I found someone in my past was recently accused of sexually enticing a minor.

Parsing through emotions is part of a recovery process and sometimes that means interrogating yourself and making those deep inquiries.

It’s looking at your values and standing by them and identifying why you stand behind them. It’s also questioning if you are right in believing that or what would happen if you were to change your mind.

And this all starts by making those important questions.

About Our Purpose

The first is to dig into our purpose and our direction in life. Darius was good in asking general life inquiries about whether we’re happy, grateful, and feeling good.

But I’d go a little deeper.

Specifically in what exactly is making us happy and purposeful in our lives. Not to mention what can we do to get more out of the things that we do.

Some important questions you can consider are things like:

  • Is this the direction that I want to go? Why?
  • If my work stopped today, would I be glad to be known for the things I have done thus far?
  • Is there something I feel is missing? Have I tried to piece it together before?

Much like what Darius said, the first step is to look after ourselves and to be critically honest with ourselves. When we are happy we learn how to make those around us happy as well.

And I find having the utmost clarity in where we want to go and agreeing that this is the best option for us is vital.

About Our Growth/How We Learn

But one other aspect that I’ve come to embrace is the fact that while self improvement is great, too much can actually be pretty bad.

In a world where we are pushed to grow and improve ourselves, we often focus on what’s around us rather than what’s going on within us.

Things like our health and our own mindset.

I’ve already addressed our mindset with the set of questions above, but what about health?

Both our mental and physical state of mind.

Our ability to be self-aware and to truly appreciate ourselves stems from an inner connection with our own bodies. Not to mention the things and infromation that we put into our lives too.

For sure there is our purpose but other things we can ask ourselves with our own growth and how we’re learning are things like:

  • How will this information serve me? Will it make me want to learn more?
  • Is this something that I can stand behind based on my values?
  • How is this information affecting my views and abilities?

We often pick and choose the information that we deem valuable to ourselves. From writing styles to our own views. We piece them all together to form our own opinion, but it’s worth digging into where we are finding that information.

Is it coming from someone we value or that we can agree with?

At the end of the day, our growth stems from the information that we have and how we process that information and apply it. These inquiries help to determine whether you are getting something from this or not. But also it’ll help you in making the decision of whether you should be moving on or not.

About Our Future

The next batch is to look at our direction a little further. Our purpose right now is the direction that we believe we’re on. But as we grow the more we begin to change and do other things.

We have other projects in the back of our minds and other ideas that we want to do. But often times those ideas and projects don’t make sense to tackle right now or even are obtainable yet.

Not to say that those projects or ideas are invalid, but it’s worth shaping them and moulding them into our lives from time to time.

It’s also worth considering if these are ideas worth pursuing.

I remember when I was a teenager I wanted to write a fantasy novel series and spent a good chunk of time writing it. I had come up with all sorts of lore and ideas for future books and was really excited.

Since then, I’ve long abandoned it as it’s not something I really value right now. I might go back to writing fantasy novels and actually publish them, but right now my work lays here, assisting people through direct advice and my own life experiences. It’s growing my writing craft so I can be a more entertaining and stronger writer too.

Some questions to ask yourself to help you with determining where you want your future to go are:

  • How important is what I’m doing right now to me?
  • What projects or ideas have I set aside to focus on this one? Is it worth it to me?
  • What sort of position do I want to be at with my life in general in 5 years?

The Final Of Important Questions

The last question is a simple and powerful one:

  • What areas in my life am I not paying attention to right now? Am I okay with it?

With every action comes a cost of missing out on something else. When we focus on health and career we often neglect the things that make us whole. Our family, friends, and others.

And when we focus too much on socializing and being around people or watch Netflix all day we lose out on fulfilling ourselves by making an impact in others lives in a big way.

It’s important to find a balance and that is really the key with living a happy life. It’s finding our own sense of balance. Whether that’s running a business and being a good parent or being there for family and friends or taking pride in making plenty of other people who get stuff done.

Our own definitions of balance and fulfilment is what we decide to make of it. And sometimes it pays to compare that judgement to where we are now.

And remember when it comes to questions, if you’re not happy with the answer, you can always make a change.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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