Workflow Management – Thursday May 16 2017

Workflow Management – Thursday May 16 2017

To put things simply, yesterday was an attempt of workflow management. Managing everything in a timely manner and staying organized. My overall goal for the day was a mixed bag. I excelled a bit, but mostly not.

I ran into a few complications, primarily the publication process of my book. I’m not here to point fingers or come up with excuses. I should’ve done research into this and knew in advance what I should do for it. Still it’s a learning experience all the same.

Even with that slight setback, I did redeem myself. I took the opportunity to work earlier on some projects. It was really down to my extra work where there were issues.

Still I am pressing forward

I’ll keep pushing, striving to obtain what I once had. Each step, big or small, is a victory. It’s getting me closer to the workflow I was at and enjoyed so much.

That’s really how I see workflow as well, a mindset of how you perceive work and how you hustle. It can be managed and grown, though it can be broken with ease much like a habit.

Workflow management is essential

No doubt about that, but there’s more. It explains so much about a person and a entrepreneur on a professional level. Workflow defines their drive, how they see their work and how they work. It shows what matters most to them. 

In a 9 to 5 you are in a robotic machine. Along with a map to follow. It’s easy. It’s a matter of doing it is all and maximizing from it as much as you can. Owning a business is much different since you have to create your own. You don’t know what works and what doesn’t and you scramble about.

Workflow management is manageable

I know it can absolutely. Many entrepreneurs are successful and I have some level of success as well. I’ve got this blog with hundreds of posts. I’m not saying this to brag, but clearly there was a mindset at work that prompted me to write and write and write.

It all comes back to developing a mindset, not taking excuses. When excuses arise, you stand back up and begin to redeem yourself if those excuses ever set you back.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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