Week 47 – We Are All Growing

Week 47 – We Are All Growing

Reflecting over this week there are a few things that I accomplished. Though I’m not the only one. You have accomplished things as well right? We are all growing together in this right?

Growing together is an aspect that I believe is very important. It’s a reminder that you are not alone in your journey of growth. That even though someone else or in fact multiple people are not on the same path, we are all growing still.

It’s Empowering….

For a few reasons. Again you are not alone in all of this and the fact there are other people improving themselves in some way is incredible. It can give you the strength to carry on and hustle even more. Better, it’ll tell you to keep in mind your goals and what you want to strive for.

And even when you fail, you get lazy days and you’re down about yourself, that fact can be emboldening for you too. From that alone I’ve realized more things, what I can do better, how I can accomplish my goals as well.

I’m Setting Myself Up For Success

I’m reminding myself on a regular basis that my past failures are not barriers to my current success. I believe in myself that I can consistently develop these habits I have in mind. Meditation, consistent exercising, writing in the morning, and more.

As I remind myself again, I have the tools necessary to do this and get to the point where I have a healthy mind and life. As again we are all growing together striving to achieve something in our lives.

But Don’t Be Afraid To Raise The Bar Higher

For a lot of people they are growing financially, working jobs in order to pay for that car they want. Instead be more ambitious. Take the time to figure out what you wish to pursue truly. You have the time to decide that.

Because even though we are all growing together in some way, some people may not be growing the way they want to. And it is at this point right now to decide how you want to grow and contemplate about what you want to do. It doesn’t matter at all how old you are as we are all capable of doing great things.

After all, we are all growing together.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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