Stepping Stone – Friday May 12 2017

Stepping Stone – Friday May 12 2017

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Finally it is done!

For the first time, I feel I’ve completed something major! I’m filled with excitement and anticipation for it. There are still a few loose ends that I need to sort out but I can say it is done.

I have successfully written a book.

I even have a contest around it. I’d love your support in spreading the word. After all, who doesn’t want a free book?

But this book is something bigger. Absolutely it’s a massive feat to write a book in the first place. I have huge respect for people who have written books: sharing their knowledge, experience, and talent. Now I can contribute my own, but this is also a stepping stone for me.

A Stepping Stone to Something Bigger

That bigger thing is being discovered.

The thing is is it’s hard to be recognized or noticed when one doesn’t do anything great. Mind you I have affected people around me to some extent, but it’s nothing compared to a book. Much like an artist won’t get noticed until they provide a painting as opposed to a series of sketches.

I have confidence in myself that this book is that painting. It’s not a masterpiece, as I plan to write more books in the future, however it’s a stepping stone.

A Stepping Stone to living on my terms

This book means a lot to me. When it kicks off, this book will be able to help me live on my own terms. It’s meaningful for me because this has been my ultimate goal: to live on my own terms, making money how I want to make it. This book is essentially the key to that as long as I take action.

There is one other element though and that is to have your support as well. One person can make an impact, but a group is far more potent. So I’d appreciate any kind of support: pick up a copy while it’s still free, even buy one when it’s available, but also retweet the post or share this article.

Thank you.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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