Minds To Mindsets

Minds To Mindsets As I was doing my writing exercise last night, I talked about a rather unusual sensation. Something I haven’t really talked about all that much. Thinking on it more now, it would be very much the same as minding our mindsets and being conscious of what we tell ourselves. Though these things […]

Address and Ignore

Address and Ignore “Weak people revenge. Smart people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” This is a quote that has some meaning in my own life and is something my brother and I discussed yesterday. He recently had a problem with a former business man and I shared that piece of advice. Particularly the last part I […]

Laser-Precise Focus

Laser-Precise Focus Focus has been a regular problem of mine that continues to teach me lessons. Mind you I haven’t made any massive blunders due to lack of focus, but these lessons have shifted my way of thinking. They’ve taught me more to have laser-precise focus. Time and time again, my work has been further […]