Loopholing – Wednesday May 17 2017

Loopholing – Wednesday May 17 2017

I’m putting a stomp on me complaining. With pages loading slowly, and my overwhelming desire to complete things faster and push forward, these desires have led me to complaining from time to time.

Not necessarily playing a victim card, but whenever I want to do something I realize my situation. The reality that “my internet sucks and doesn’t like working at times.”

It’s the reason why I was in that slump all last week. I’m once again at those two options: Will I feed myself bullshit? Or will I redeem myself?

I’m tired of bullshit. I hope that much is clear.

So yesterday I began to find loopholes.

Even with a crappy connection, there are still alternatives that I can do to move things along a little bit better.

Firstly is looking at my goals. Seeing what I can do in order to make accomplishing them easier. So when my internet decided to not work I pulled up a pages document and I began writing. Sharing my thoughts and feelings on certain subjects. These have now become guest posts that I’ll use.

This whole process is reminding me once more of one of Robert Kiyosaki’s quotes:

“There is always a solution to every problem.”

I’ve said it before that this quote prompts me to think of loopholes or simply alternatives where I can pour my energy into.

The main key is again to avoid channeling energy into complaining.

Complaining doesn’t get you anywhere. Even though this situation I’m in is a mild annoyance, it is manageable.

It goes back to something I said a few weeks ago when I had those issues with my old computer. I can do other work in other areas. I can prepare myself more. There are other alternative sources that can fix my issues. There are loopholes.

No matter what your situation is, there is a way out.

Every day whenever a problem arises we choose to see it in a positive or negative light. We complain about it, feed the problem more with our negativity. Or we can see it as a challenge and find ways around it.

I know this advice sounds similar to everything that I’ve been writing lately, but it’s important. Most of our problems stem from how we see situations. Even though I’m repeating myself with different words, a mindset that chooses to be positive, doesn’t believe the bullshit and pushes forward is what is needed.

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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