Forgive and Forget

Go and check out the video for on the go listening! We all need some positive affirmation in our lives! Forgive and Forget There is no need to harbour the stress The doubts, and mistakes. They will weigh you down and consume you with every step that you take. True every single person harbours something […]

Ten Dead Give-Away Signs of Bad Relationships

[wp_social_sharing social_options=’facebook,twitter,googleplus,linkedin,pinterest’ twitter_username=’es_burdon’ facebook_text=’Share on Facebook’ twitter_text=’Share on Twitter’ googleplus_text=’Share on Google+’ linkedin_text=’Share on Linkedin’ pinterest_text=”Share on Pinterest” icon_order=’f,t,g,l,p’ show_icons=’1′ before_button_text=” text_position=” social_image=”] We’ve experienced some and we’ve seen some of these dead give-away signs of bad relationships. They’re far more frequent now than ever! So if you see these, especially with your partner, talk […]