Monday April 24 2017

Monday April 24 2017 Quote Of The Day Tweet today’s quote! I value the friend… #positivity #quote #mondaymotivation — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 25, 2017 With every day that passes, I get excited about that day being the day that I grow big. That I get noticed and I make tremendous progress. I’m […]

Friday April 21 2017

Friday April 21 2017 Quote Of The Day If your compassion… #FridayFeeling #quoteoftheday — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 22, 2017 Tweet today’s quote of the day! Friday had arrived… And I was brimming with energy for the day to unfold before me. I began working away quickly at my work, determined to finish […]

Thursday April 20 2017

Thursday April 20 2017 Quote Of The Day People may not always tell you… #ThursdayThoughts #quoteoftheday — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 21, 2017  Tweet today’s quote of the day! Yesterday I made progress Maybe not exactly a lot of progress but progress nevertheless. I was in a very unusual spot. Unusual, but really […]

Wednesday April 19 2017

Wednesday April 19 2017 Quote Of The Day Anything’s possible… #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaymotivation #selfimprovement — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 20, 2017 Tweet today’s quote of the day! Rocky Start Yesterday was a great day to make a lot of progress, though I felt I started off on the wrong foot a bit. I didn’t […]

Tuesday April 18 2017

Tuesday April 18 2017 Quote Of The Day I like not only to be loved… #wednesdaywisdom #quoteoftheday — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 19, 2017 Tweet today’s quote! My day began.. With a very progressive mindset. There were a lot of things I aimed to get done but the first major thing is getting […]

Monday April 17 2017

Monday April 17 2017 Quote Of The Day Next time you talk to a charity… #mondaymotivation #TuesdayMotivation #quoteoftheday — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 18, 2017 Tweet today’s quote of the day! Preparations Yesterday was the day before I begin my challenge to improve my health. I’ve already been taking some steps to working […]

Week 34 Mentorship

Week 34 Mentorship Quote Of The Day Here’s today’s quote, go ahead and retweet it! Happy Easter everyone! Here’s a quote to remember! #sundaymotivation #quoteoftheday — Eric S Burdon (@es_burdon) April 16, 2017 The Week Mentorship A lot of things can be said for this week but one thing that stood out the most […]