Allocate Time To Specific Actions

Allocate Time To Specific Actions

Yesterday I devoted my entire day to writing, completing all of the guest post writing for this week. Needless to say I was burnt out. But at the same time, I was very satisfied with my work and progress. I did this for a few specific reasons. One was because I want to allocate time to specific actions.

And I made my Monday’s the day where I’d do most, if not all, of my writing for my guest posts.


Like I said before is important. Having laser-precise focus on your tasks and life is necessary. And what I’m suggesting is similar, to me it’s really not.

Focus I believe is something a little more liberal. In essence you’re focusing on a task or a direction and hustling to complete it until it’s done. This method of devoting days or a few hours is a step above focus. You are focusing on specific tasks during specific times.

It’s Something I’m Working On…

Once more because I’m learning more about myself and what I must do. I’ve been slowly learning where my skills are and hustling to enrich those. Mind you my list of tasks are all important for their own reasons, but there are some that can be neglected that aren’t as harmful.

For example posting on Instagram and Facebook. I’d rather have someone manage that or at least create posts for me to post on there. I want to do that because truly I don’t understand how to grow on those platforms despite reading quality content on those topics.

In other words I want to allocate time to things I’m capable of doing as opposed to worrying about things I can’t.

This Principal Can Help In Our Own Lives

This doesn’t just apply with work, this can work in our own lives as well. So many people pour energy and time into things they don’t truly enjoy. Like me and accounting. I’ve realized now it’s not really for me but I’ve gotten into massive debt as a result of that realization.

I don’t blame myself for making the foolish decision. There was no way I would’ve known about it until later on in life. We all grow and learn at different paces after all.

What’s important now is dedicate time and energy to the things we do want to do. To do so it’s a matter of understanding yourself, knowing what you are passionate about. Devote time to developing the skills you already have, focusing on a handful and allocating a few hours per day to it.

What is one skill that you want to improve this week? Leave a comment down below!

To your growth!

Eric S Burdon

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